Here is a selection of my major web development projects.

Liqvid logo: stylized play button Liqvid
Liqvid is a library for creating interactive videos in React. Designed especially for educational content, it features an extensive plugin suite for recording audio/video, coding tutorials, cursor motion, and handwriting.
Screenshot from video, showing 3d graph of surface MATH 180

In Fall 2021, I taught a full vector calculus ("Calc III") course asynchronously at Brown University using Liqvid. I wrote, coded, and recorded around 120 videos featuring interactive 3D graphs and animations.

Epiplexis logo: prism Epiplexis
Epiplexis is my web series on math and coding. It features interactive videos on a variety of math topics, bringing these to life with visualizations and coding demos. It is the reason I created Liqvid. Check out the new site!
Bearbook logo Bearbook
Bearbook was a Facebook app for University of Alberta students. The initial functionality was sharing timetables and finding free blocks with your friends; later, we built a textbook marketplace, a more intuitive Course Directory, and a Schedule Builder. In our heyday, we had over 9,000 active users on campus. Joint work with Joel Adria.

Open Source Contributions