I am no longer in academia. Previously, I was a Tamarkin Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Brown University, working with Tom Goodwillie. I received my PhD from the University of Texas at Austin under the supervision of Andrew Blumberg.

I am interested in algebraic K-theory, particularly trace methods; equivariant stable homotopy theory; higher category theory; and Goodwillie calculus. I am also frequently interested in how these interact with arithmetic geometry, particularly crystalline/prismatic cohomology.

I have compiled a reading list for \(p\)-adic cohomology and its connections with THH.

Publications / Preprints

  1. Prisms and Tambara functors I: Twisted powers, transversality, and the perfect sandwich. Preprint, 2023.
  2. \(\mathrm{RO}(\mathbb T)\)-graded \(\mathrm{TF}\) of perfectoid rings. Preprint, 2022.
  3. Floor, ceiling, slopes, and \(K\)-theory. Annals of $K$-Theory 8 (2023), no. 3, 331–354.
  4. A slice refinement of Bökstedt periodicity. Preprint, 2020.
  5. \(\infty\)-categorical monadicity and descent. New York Journal of Mathematics 23 (2017), 749–777. arxiv version.

Visualizations / Tools

I make videos about math at Epiplexis. Here are some additional math interactives I have created.